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Purpose in the Youth

Feb 6, 2019

Kim Rose is an artist with a focus on marble fine art and minimalist line drawings. She is the founder of Mission Marisol, a nonprofit that uses fine art as a way to bring funds and awareness to kids in Tijuana, Mexico. This past November they nearly raised $50k at The Charity Art Auction.

Born and raised in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, her mother influenced her early on to “let her imagination run wild.” As a kid, she visited Mexico on mission trips with her family to help the community and it gave her perspective that not everyone grows up in the same environment. She studied at Azusa Pacific University as a business management major with a minor in fine arts. Seeing first hand from a media marketing internship the money that was being poured into Instagram influencers, she graduated and continued to build the Kim Rose Art brand.

The journey of finding her style has taken time and is continuously evolving. Through social media, her pieces have been purchased and shipped all over the world. Being resilient and continuing to learn have been some of the biggest lessons she has learned from being an entrepreneur. Moving forward she would like to do more creative collaborations and see Mission Marisol have a greater impact on the kids in Mexico.

In this Episode Kim discusses don’t be afraid to ask questions, the fear of failure helps us keep going, take calculated chances, using the market to help us price our services and why we must be forever curious.


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